My experiments with photographing Art, Architecture, Design and Sculpture – Part One

And so I start this second blog post where the first one ended – over a period of time, my love for travel has taken me to many, many places in my vast country and several parts of the world. But I found one recurring theme as I sifted the photos at the end of every shoot – and that theme has led me to caption this blog post. I do not know how may parts this series will contain – kindly bear with me, but let me start with the first. And since I started with Germany let me continue with Europe before we look at other countries and their artistic cultures.

If you are wondering why would anyone want to go to Italy today, then perhaps you can find some inspiration here. I know, I know, everything that is of even of middling repute has been photographed enough and more and there is perhaps nothing to add (as a fellow blogger commented recently about Venice and then went on to write a brilliant piece about its people and their masks et al) to the deluge of words and pictures.

Here we go with the first church facade at the famous St. Mark’s Basilica at Venice:


The cupola as seen at the transept crossing


And the church as seen from the Piazza San Marco:


Intricate details and paintings are the order of the day




Do you need a stairway to heaven?


Ok, so you didn’t like Venice that much, let us see what Florence has to offer.

We are at the facade of the Main Church of Florence, the Basilica of  Saint Mary of the Flower.


And now at the main portal of the cathedral


Sights like these greet us at every turn:




We round off again at the Facade of the Cathedral including this sculpture of Christ and Disciple.


We leave Florence as we take this final view of The Duomo from the heights of the Piazzale Michelangelo.


Perhaps the only thing left is to have some pizza at the Piazza at Pisa and this is the sight that greets us:



The heart and soul are captured in these medieval structures (above and below) of grey marble and white stone.


The Baptistery dedicated to St.John rounds up the Piazza del Duomo.


While The Vatican and other attractions await another day and another blog post!


7 comments on “My experiments with photographing Art, Architecture, Design and Sculpture – Part One

    • Yes that was a turn of phrase Simon.
      No, did not include the pizza shot though we got the best ones just outside the compound!
      Planning for China/Japan this year – any ideas Simon? Thanks.

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